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The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health was established in 1991 through a resolution of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education to improve the health of LAUSD children and families, and to provide support for the district’s growing number of school-based health centers. Our mission is bridging health and education to achieve student wellness. Our vision is a world where every student is healthy and successful. Our rallying cry: Putting the care in student healthcare.


  • We had a total of 90 students attend the event, which is more than the last virtual Y2Y in 2021 (57), as well as more than our last in person Y2Y event in 2020 (88). This is a HUGE accomplishment for being our first event since COVID quarantine! I've attached some pics, flyer, and program. Each year, the youth select a theme – this year's theme was Comic-Con/ Euphoria (HBO's Hit Show). 


We are recruiting for Student Advisory Board Members. 

  • Student Advisory Board. The "SAB" program is offered at a variety of schools in LAUSD. For more information, visit our LA Trust website or social media page. 
  • Elizabeth Learning Center Student Advisory Board gave Senior Prom Bags Friday, May 27th (day before prom). The Student Advisory Board partnered with Essential Access to give a total of 100 bags including items like information on Birth Control, STIs, Mental Health, Vaping and condom kits.


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