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As a coalition of people who live, work, play and pray in LA County, WeCanStopSTDsLA couldn’t exist without the support of our valuable partnerships. Thanks to all of you for the amazing work you do in support of helping young people to thrive, especially young women of color.

To show our appreciation for our collective efforts, we want to highlight a few partners whose work we’ve helped promote on our social media channels throughout the year. Going forward, we plan to start reporting results on posts we share in an effort to help illustrate how WeCanStopSTDsLA can increase your reach to more people across LA County.

Here are some highlights from this past year.

Total number reached in 2022 on our social media platforms:


2,230      3,106        651



Join our shared calendar on Basecamp!

Recently, we began testing a joint calendar to encourage partners to more easily reach everyone in the Coalition through Basecamp. This calendar is currently being shared on our website:

However, to see the calendar, you need to join us on Basecamp. Let us help expand your reach by joining us there. Once you join, you can easily upload your news and events without having to send lots of separate emails! Plus, there’s a message board and other cool features to stay connected with everyone.

To join us on Basecamp, please email Juan Gonzalez, Program Analyst, at [email protected].




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