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Essential Access Health is pushing for an increase in state spending to fight STDs. Read all about it here and join the WeCanStopSTDsLA movement and our coalition of partners in South LA to spread the word.

• The Los Angeles Times recently reported on STDs in LA County and how silence, stigma and racial injustice contribute to the problem in our communities. Read the full article here and spread the word about the importance of normalizing conversations about sexual and reproductive health and STDs. Let’s Talk About STDs!

• April was STD Awareness Month! This year's theme was ‘Treat Me Right’! Learn more here or visit CDC today!

See some of what happened in 2017 in this brief overview.  

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WeCanStopSTDsLA is a movement that brings together people and organizations who live, work, serve and worship in the South Los Angeles area of LA County Supervisorial District 2 (D2 South LA) with the goal of reducing the high cases of sexually transmitted disease (STD) in our communities.
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Engaging with our communities -- including policymakers, faith leaders, providers, students, teachers, parents and even local businesses (window decal sign, below) -- WeCanStopSTDsLA brings communities together to talk about STDs. To learn more about what it means to be a community supporter of WeCanStopSTDsLA and how you can help, please email today! 



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The Free Pocket Guide to Sexual Health Services and Clinics in South LA is available online and in print!   

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  • From the blog

    Are you getting comprehensive sex ed?

    Some schools offer great sex ed and others are missing the mark but for the last three years, the law has required comprehensive sex ed.

    Since 2016, the California Healthy Youth Act (also known as CHYA or “Chaya”) requires public schools to teach comprehensive sex education at least ONCE in middle school and ONCE in high school. In 2019, this will include charter schools as well. And by “comprehensive,” we mean you should be getting information about:

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  • From the blog

    Governor signs AB 2601 requiring comprehensive sex ed in charter schools

    The sponsors of AB 2601 (legislation to extend the California Healthy Youth Act to Charter Schools) are super excited to announce that it was signed today by Gov. Brown. We want to extend a huge thank you to all of the folks who sent in support letters, signed petitions, tweeted, post, showed up at committee hearings, sent us good vibes and high fives to help us get it passed! 
    This has been a project of C2P folks for years - and now there is a law to point to that requires sex ed in charter schools. The mandate for charter schools takes effect next summer, prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year.
    We look forward to working with all of you to make sure that this legislation is implemented so all of California's public school students get the vital information they need around sexual and reproductive health. 
    The Sponsors are: 
    Act for Women and Girls
    ACLU of California 
    Black Women for Wellness
    Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California 
    Author - Assemblymember Weber