Community Advisory Coalition

Our Community Engagement Approach

The Community Advisory Coalition (CAC) is the governing body of the WeCanStopSTDsLA movement. As the catalytic engine of the movement, the CAC espouses a collective impact model of social justice that connects principles of community engagement, political will and public health. CAC members carry out action plan goals and objectives by participating in Working Groups.

In 2012, the CAC came together in response to the high cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among African American and Latino youth and young adults in the community. Our belief is that it is in working together that we can make an impact.

Supported by the Los Angeles County of Public Health Division of HIV & STD Programs (DHSP), the CAC initiatives increase the availability of and access to high quality, youth-friendly, sexual health services while fostering comprehensive STI prevention and health education programs.

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Working Groups

Youth and Young Adults (Y&YA): Youth and young adults are the main focus of WeCanStopSTDsLA and those who will benefit most from the movement. This working group is the hub of a network of existing, emerging, and new groups focused on young South LA residents at elevated risk for STIs.

Interfaith Engagement and Mobilization: Engages leaders of diverse faith communities in respectful dialogue so that they can help equip young people to live healthy lifestyles while upholding spiritual values and practices.

Strategic Communications: Develops messaging, marketing, and media, including social media. Helps frame the public’s understanding of the CAC and WeCanStopSTDsLA movement, while igniting interest and engagement throughout LA County communities, particularly among youth and young adults.

Logistics & Operation: Focuses on coordination and governance of the CAC, including resource leveraging and development, as well as strengthening sustainable and strategic partnerships. Logistics and Operations ensures adherence to and successful implementation of the group’s strategic and action plans, theory of change and logic model in thoughtful, practical, and accountable ways.


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