Meet the CAB


Alexia Venegas

“I joined Project Fierce to provide young women of color useful information to ensure informed decision-making. As a CAB, it is important that we advocate for one another and the communities we represent to turn ideas into actions in order to better educate young women of color and destigmatize conversations surrounding STIs.”   


Brianna Andersen

“What motivated me to join Project Fierce is my passion to help other young women of color overcome the barriers and challenges they face when wanting to receive sexual and reproductive health services. Together this group of powerful women is helping to identify barriers that need to be addressed and to recommend the interventions that must be put in place. There needs to be better quality and access to healthcare for young women of color.”


Cassandra Frias

“I joined CAB to advocate for greater access to adequate sexual and reproductive health resources for women of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. We work to destigmatize conversations about sexual health and STIs, empowering others in their sexuality.” 

I'shanee_10.JPGI’shanée Nariah

“What motivated me to join the CAB was reflecting on my own experiences as an African American woman in the healthcare system. In college, my curiosity regarding sexual health amongst minority women sparked an interest in intertwining art and sexual health education to inspire others to get tested. I am excited to be a part of the CAB because I understand the importance of using my voice and experiences to help other young women of color overcome stigmas and biases to access services and to understand their sexual health needs and rights.”


Lucia Torres-Espinoza

“As young women of color in Los Angeles we face adversity as a result of our race, gender identity, and socioeconomic status, which have severely impacted our access to STI and HIV prevention, testing, and treatment along with our access to research and resources by young women of color for women of color.”

Maria Diaz

"My name is Maria, a first-generation Latina from South Central. I like to say that I am community-based. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for my community. With that said, I want to be a part of a movement that advocates for those who can't. Accessibility in general is a privilege, especially health care access here in America. Project Fierce provides the space and action to fight for this access. This project creates conversations about sexual health; it allows us to break the stigma surrounding STIs/HIV and provides the resources to our BIPOC communities. It feels good to be a part of this change and it feels good to have a seat at a table. However, this is a table where I'd like to see more of our people at."


Sharmin Shanur

"Everyone in the CAB is a little activist in the making, united around this concerning public health crisis affecting young women of color. We are all fiercely committed to raising awareness around health justice and equity to reduce the impact of STIs on our community.”

Ty-Yhana Young

“My name is Ty-Yhana Young, I’m from Compton California, and an incoming freshman at UCLA as a biology major. I was raised to embrace and uplift my community in any way possible, the CAB is one of the platforms that enable me to achieve that goal. As I navigate my young adulthood I will continue to allow these values to guide me.”

mallery.jpegCAB Coordinator, Mallery Jenna Robinson

“Leading with empathy and kindness is always the best way to assure connectedness for all communities.”

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