The Story Collective



The Wall Las Memorias would like to invite you to participate in our Story Collective workshop series-- an LGBTQI2-S Mental Health initiative that will unite stigma reduction and the arts. This program is open to all LGBTQI2-S identities of all ages living in LA County


**The Workshops will be at the USC Village exact TBD. 

1st Workshop (Mental Health): Saturday February 29

2nd Workshop (Art Breakout): Sunday March 1

3rd Workshop (Art Breakout): March 7



Participants are asked to commit to all 3 FUN and informative workshops to be given a $50 gift card incentive and for their artwork to be showcased at the Community Art Exhibition.  ** 


We ask for your commitment of 3 Saturdays in March for 3 fun and informative workshops regarding the mental health of our community and art creation. The art created will be part of an exhibit in April.  Participants will receive an incentive at completion of program. 


Program Overview 

1st Saturday -  Reduce Stigma in the LGBTQI2-S Community and Empower your Mental Health 

2nd and 3rd Saturday - Professional Artists will help you mold your experience into a lourshing art piece in interactive art exploration workshops

Community Art Exhibition 

Participants will have the opportunity to showcase your art in a special story collective community exhibit 


Apply Today! There are only 25 spots available on a first come first serve basis.


Make sure to sign up by January 31st on the link below:  


Any Question or concerns contact Kathryn Aguenza


(323) 257-1056 ext. 40

[email protected]

February 29, 2020 at 8:00am - 11am

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