U know Uranus isn't just the 7th planet from the sun, but did u know anal sex can put you at a high risk 4 stds?

So… anal sex. It’s a thing. You may be considering it, or at least wondering if it’s even possible without you ending up screaming out in pain. The truth is that when done right, anal sex can be very pleasurable for both partners, but it also has a greater risk of passing on sexually transmitted diseases. So make sure you know the facts!

  • Pregnancy. It’s not possible to get pregnant during anal sex, but it is still possible if semen leaks into the vagina. A small percentage of people each year who do not use another form of birth control during anal sex do become pregnant.
  • STDsOf course, the solution to avoiding STDs is condoms, condoms, condoms! However, condoms are especially important when it comes to anal sex because of the significant risk of infection. The anus is full of bacteria and sensitive tissue that can tear very easily. Exposure to HIV through anal sex poses 30 times more risk than by vaginal intercourse. And don’t forget “toy hygiene”! If you and your partner are using vibrators or other sex toys, be sure to wash everything well before using.
  • Lubricant. Using lube can help to prevent tearing, and therefore aid in preventing infection, but it can also be a big factor in whether anal sex will hurt or not. Use as much lube as you need to feel comfortable, especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know how it will feel yet.

Make sure to ask your partner to go slowly at first. Let them know if it hurts and ask them to stop and take a break if you do not like the way it feels. If you’d like, you can try again in a few moments and ease your way into it, or you can decide to not do it at all. What is most important is that you be gentle and cautious because you are dealing with a very delicate part of your body!

And now that you know the risks of anal sex, don’t forget to get tested! Find your nearest clinic with our Clinic Finder here.

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