happy national condom day!

Today is National Condom Day! Celebrate by finding FREE condoms near you and using condom sense! http://www.teensource.org/condoms/free

Condoms are the ONLY method of birth control that help prevent against STDs AND pregnancy! Using a condom every time you have sex is an important way to protect yourself and your partner. Not sure how to start the conversation with your partner? Check out some of our tips.

Condoms come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and materials. You can try different ones and find the ones you prefer. All condoms are effective but the ones made of lambskin do not protect against STDs. It is usually advised to steer clear of those. There is also a female/internal condom that can be worn inside the vagina or anus, instead of on a penis. The female/internal condom is another type of condom that protects against pregnancy and STDs.

You do not need to be any specific age to buy condoms. They are available at many places such as drugstores, grocery stores, gas stations, and stores like Target and Walmart. However, sometimes condoms can be expensive and cost should not be a reason you don’t use condoms! There may be free condoms available at your high school. Check with your health teachers. We also have a map where you can find free condoms near you and in some parts of California, get condoms mailed to your house! Check out our Condom Access Project!

It is important to use a condom correctly. They should be stored in a cool, dry place. It is not a good idea to store condoms in a wallet or car. People often store them in a bedside table or a drawer in the bathroom.  Before you use a condom, make sure you ask for consent! Then follow these easy steps. If you do not use a condom correctly, it might be less effective. Use water-based lube with condoms, never use oil-based lube or anything that has oil in it. That can break down the material of the condom.

This National Condom Day, think about how you will talk to your partner about condoms, practice using a condom ahead of time, and always have condoms on hand for yourself or a friend!

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