Online vs. Offline School During COVID-19

Written and Answered by 2 Public Health Academy (PHA) Interns

Before the coronavirus, learning in school showed the strengths and weaknesses of learning in that environment. However, the virus came upon us which led us to learn in our homes and do work in the social distance way. Now, we have to adjust and see our way through this if we can learn while being in our homes. Those who succeed in learning in school might not succeed in learning their homes due the challenges and those who might fail in school might thrive in learning in their homes. Since there are no teachers to supervise us, it is our responsibility to do the work which will improve our skills for our future jobs and learn new ways to do work in computers. It merely depends on us to see if were capable of learning in school or in our homes.     


Here's how we categorized the benefits and challenges of learning online at home compared to being in school:


Online School


  • Go at your own pace
  • Build a sense of responsibility
  • Learn new computer skills
  • Create your own schedule



  • Pile of unfinished work
  • Not motivated enough
  • Can’t see friends
  • No teachers around which leads to unfinished work/homework


In School


  • Students practice and learn basic skills like staying organized or time management                       
  • More help is offered to students
  • Students are better motivated to be involved
  • Students learn more 


  • Students have a lot more stress while being in school
  • There's less time for students to relax 
  • Students have more anxiety



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