Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Action Opposes AB 1250 (Jones-Sawyer)

AB1250 is a bill designed to drastically alter the delivery of services to vulnerable residents of LA County. It would, among other things, impede service provision for children, youth and adults in Los Angeles who rely upon the County to provide for their basic needs, such as food, shelter, public health, mental health and other services. Currently, the County relies on numerous small businesses and non-profit organizations to deliver these services.

Under AB1250, onerous new requirements would mean many small businesses and non-profit organizations represented in the Community Advisory Coalition (CAC) and throughout our communities would no longer be able to afford or be eligible to contract with the County. This will have a negative impact on their businesses and employees and thus the safety nets we provide. You can join in the LA County Board of Supervisor’s opposition to AB1250 by taking three actions:

  1. Call or write your assembly member indicating your opposition and urging them to defeat the bill.
  2. Share news about this bill throughout your networks on all of your communication platforms.
  3. Share a copy of your letter with the LA County Department of Public Health so that they can indicate to the legislature the level of opposition on this bill. To do so, you will need to forward a copy to Joshua Bobrowsky at [email protected]

You can learn more about the bill and the County's response to this matter by clicking these documents:

AB1250 – LA County Fact Sheet

Myths and Facts

Draft Talking Points

Letter of Opposition

CBO’s Sample Letter of Opposition

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