Know and Protect Your Rights

What are my rights to sexual health services?

If you're age 12 or older, you do not need anyone's permission to get most sexual health services like:

• Birth control and condoms

• STD and HIV testing and treatment

• Pregnancy testing and care

• Emergency contraception ("morning-after pill")

• Abortion

It's the law!


Why do I need sexual health services?

To help protect yourself and your partner from STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

What other rights do I have?

You have the right to:

• Get confidential and private care 

• Get care without being judged

• Learn about all your options

• Know your test results and what they mean

• Have anything explained to you

• Choose or refuse any procedure, test or treatment

• Get most sexual health services without a parent's permission (if you are 12 or older)

What will my doctor ask me?

To help give you the right care, your doctor will ask questions. What you tell them is private. They may ask things like:

• Are you having sex?

• Have you had sex with men, women or both?

• How often do you use drugs or alcohol?

If you're female:

• When was your last period?

• Are you using birth control?

• Do you think you might be pregnant?

Your doctor has heard it all and can best help you when you tell the truth!

How private is my conversation with the doctor?

What you tell your doctor is between you and them. They are not allowed to tell anyone, even your parents, unless you say so! There are a few exceptions. For example, if you say:

• Someone is hurting you

• You might hurt someone or yourself

• You're 15 or younger and have an older sex partner (especially a much older one)...they may need to tell someone to keep you safe. 

Questions? Ask your doctor!


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