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The YouthTalkLA blog and COVID and Youth sections began as special projects for high school interns from Public Health Academy, a joint effort between WeCanStopSTDsLA, Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science and the LA County Health Agency. Each year a group of high school students do internships at local community-based organizations and nonprofits and WeCanStopSTDsLA has worked with two groups of students to generate stories and social media campaigns that resonate with them. For more on what they’ve produced, please visit the links below.

WeCanStopSTDsLA has offered Public Health Academy interns communications training on the various stages of campaign and message development to two separate cohorts of high school students. In the most recent 2020/21 cohort, this resulted in two different campaigns around STD prevention, education, and awareness. The “Tommy” campaign focuses on the strong evidence that fostering healthy parent/child communication and improved self-esteem can help reduce the risk for STDs. In the “Emily” campaign, the focus is around fostering healthy conversations with partners, which is also known to reduce the risk for STDs and pregnancy. Both campaigns recently ran on Instagram @WeCanStopSTDsLA. You can follow us there and repost. To suggest other topics or to submit a blog entry, please contact [email protected]

Tommy Campaign: Strengthening the Bond between Parents and Children

 “If he’s not wearing condoms, we talk about what might happen when you don’t.” Learn how to talk about sex.

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“After talking with my parents, I decided it couldn’t hurt to look into safer sex practices and how to protect my health.” Learn more about STDs.

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“I now talk about sex and STDs openly with my parents I feel more confident to make my own choices to protect my sexual health—no matter what my friends are doing.”

Emily Campaign:Stand up and educate yourself about STDs

Stand up and educate yourself about STDs, don’t be pressured to do something you are not ready for. Learn how to talk about sex.

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Be brave! Step out of your comfort zone and ask questions to prevent STDs. Learn more.

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Stay Informed, get educated, get tested. Stop STDs. Find your voice.

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