What’s your point of view on coronavirus? Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Or both?

Written and Answered by 2 Public Health Acedemy (PHA) Interns

The coronavirus is obviously a sad event that’s currently happening. It is heartbreaking knowing there are various daily deaths caused by the coronavirus. I know it can also be hard for family members that have been separated and don’t have the ability to see each other at this time. I try to focus on the positive side of the virus, which is how the environment is improving. I have seen some before and after photos of the sky clearing up. Another good thing is being able to spend every day with my family. During regular school days in the past, I regularly saw my family an hour a day with homework and all. Now that I have the opportunity, I spend every day talking to them and playing board games. I know there are many families who are bonding together through this coronavirus as well. It’s important to see the positive side during the tragedy we are going on today.

The spread of COVID-19 has become a huge fight all around the world and due to its aggression, many things have been canceled. So, we are home for the mean time and I can say the people may not enjoy it so much but it has given the animals and Mother Nature a time to heal from the damage that humanity has caused. We have pushed animals farther and farther from their

homes by building and building more. I’m on the animal’s side as they have a chance to come back and see other things. We are always complaining about the world not opening soon enough. But as much as I would like to go out, I’ll be staying in. I don’t think there should be a hurry to go back to how things were. There is still not a vaccine and maybe it can worsen the cases of the infected. We want to continue our lives as soon as possible but do you ever sit and think how the animals feel in the zoos we go and visit. They are in cages for who knows how long I’m pretty sure they miss their families and their homes. So, while we’re in a hurry to get away from this we are not considering everyone and the well-being of the community. We should enjoy this time. Instead of doing all these things to worsen the environment, what if we helped it?

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