Why Young People Say Thank You to Birth Control!

Yesterday was Thx Birth Control Day, a chance to share all of the reasons we say “thank you” to birth control! TeenSource interviewed several people to find out why they were grateful for birth control and here are their responses.

“Do condoms count as birth control? *YES* I’m super grateful that condoms exist! I’m not in a relationship with anyone, but if you don’t really know if a girl is on birth control, condoms make preventing pregnancy a lot easier. Plus I’m in control of it. Knowing that because of a condom she won’t get pregnant makes sex a lot more enjoyable and less worrisome. Plus, condoms protect against STDs.”

-          Erick  18

“I started having sex at 15 years old and my mom found shortly after my first time. She immediately took me to get birth control. I was sort of scared, but the doctor was very helpful and explained everything. I opted for the patch because it seem the least invasive and simple to use at the time. I used it for about a year and then decided to get the Nexplanon! You can’t even tell it’s there, it lasts a couple years, and I don't have to remember to change it.

“I’m thankful there are so many birth control options!”

- Erica  18 

“I started using birth control at 17 because I had severe acne. I tried everything! Face washes, medications, laser, homemade remedies and nothing worked. Acne had taken a hold of my life and was taking a big toll on my self-confidence. There came a point where I was even embarrassed to go out in public because I felt like people were staring at my pimples. During an annual physical, I expressed my concerns to my doctor and he said we could try birth control. After years of trying to find a solution, I finally did.

“I’m thankful for birth control because it gave me my confidence back.”

- Mariela  19

 “I started taking birth control when I was 18 years old, specifically The Pill. The first time around, I had really bad side effects so I stopped taking it and went back to my physician. My doctor lowered my dosage, and it was like that pill was heaven sent! I had zero bad side effects and tons of good ones. My period went from lasting eight days to three days, having horrible cramps to no cramps at all, and from having a super heavy bleed to a really light one.

“I’m thankful for birth control because it gave me a solution to a problem I was having since I was 12 years old while still preventing pregnancy. I wouldn’t change my birth control for the world, so thank you birth control!”

-          Nicole  21

 “I got pregnant when I was 15. My parents never talked to me about birth control or sex so it wasn’t ‘till I got pregnant that those conversations came up. I wasn’t ready for a baby and I didn’t think getting pregnant could happen to me, but it did. A couple months after I gave birth, my doctor gave me my birth control options. I chose the copper IUD because it lasted the longest, and I haven’t looked back since.

“I’m thankful for birth control because I’m not ready to have another kid, and thanks to the IUD it hasn’t happened. Instead, I got the opportunity to continue studying and I am now a Registered Nurse serving my community.”

-          Jessica  24

All these different stories show that birth control isn’t solely used to protect against pregnancies.  Birth control matters and here at TeenSource we are eternally grateful for it.

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