Haunted Houses are Supposed to be Scary, but Visiting a Clinic Doesn’t Have to Be!

Don’t fall for the trick this year! Visiting a clinic or health center near you is easier and less scary than you think.

First, and foremost, you have rights. California law makes sure that teens can access sexual and reproductive health services as a minor.

This means you can get the following care WITHOUT any notification sent home or your parent or guardian’s consent:

  • You can go to a local clinic
  • At these clinics, you’ll have access to FREE + CONFIDENTIAL services like:
    • Birth Control
    • Abortion
    • Getting tested or treatment for an STD/HIV
    • Emergency Contraceptives
    • Pregnancy Testing/Prenatal Care
  • You can leave during school to visit a clinic and receive these services

For more information visit teensource.org.

We are lucky as teens in California to have these rights. Teens in other states have a LOT of restrictions when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health. If you are also lucky enough to have a parent or other trusted adult to talk to about these issues, it’s a great idea to reach out to ask for advice or get help. If you need support in getting these kinds of conversations going, click here.

Even if you found a nearby clinic, it can still be scary to take the next step and actually visit. Here are some tips to help you conquer your fears:

  • Some clinics will require an appointment while others may also have walk-in availability during certain hours. Some clinics even have teen-only hours. Call ahead or visit their website if possible, to see what options are available. Find a clinic.
  • Don’t have insurance? Don’t worry. California’s FamilyPACT covers birth control and other sexual and reproductive health care for teens for FREE.
  • Or have insurance under your parents plan? That’s ok too! Either way, your visit can remain confidential when using your insurance if you choose to.
  • Not sure what to ask, or how to talk about sex? Everyone’s needs may be different when it comes to getting their questions answered and addressing their own personal concerns. Here are some tips and questions that may help you get started.

Don’t get spooked from getting the care you need!

Find a clinic or health center near you that can provide non-judgemental, FREE + CONFIDENTIAL care near you.

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This blog was reposted from TeenSource.org, a project of Essential Access Health. TeenSource.org is an online hub for comprehensive and teen-friendly information on birth control, STDs, relationships and teen’s rights to accessing sensitive services. The site features youth-developed blogs and videos, a clinic finder, a Condom Access Project and links to TeenSource social media where youth can stay updated on relevant sexual and reproductive health information and news.

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