supreme court decisions can affect you! take action and help block judge kavanaugh's nomination.

The Supreme Court of the United States is one of the branches of our federal government. Its role is to make decisions in legal cases. Those decisions become the law of the land and can change what our country looks like. And those laws can affect our daily lives – even teens!

Some of the rights we have today exist because of decisions made by the Supreme Court. Thanks to the Supreme Court, people of different races can get married, people can get birth control, and women have the right to get abortion care. And just recently, in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled to legalize same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court has also made some terrible decisions. The Court once ruled that it was okay to have separate accommodations for black and white people – like separate schools and water fountains. In 2014, the Supreme Court said it is okay for your job to deny you birth control through your work health insurance plan based on religious beliefs. This past June, the Court said that a baker can refuse to make cakes for LGBTQ weddings.

That’s why WHO becomes a justice of the Supreme Court is very important. Nine Justices sit on the Supreme Court and get to make these important decisions. And once they are appointed, they remain in that seat FOR LIFE!

Right now, there is one seat open on the Supreme Court that must be filled. President Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill that seat.

Judge Kavanaugh’s record has raised concerns about the future of reproductive rights and other important issues. He’s already argued AGAINST birth control coverage as a District Judge, and argued against the rights of a teen girl detained by the federal government to access abortion services.

A lot is on the line right now. Many more civil rights cases will go before the Supreme Court in the coming years, and we need unbiased judges that can make fair decisions that protect our rights to access essential health services.


The U.S. Senate will begin Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing on September 4 to decide whether or not to confirm him as an official Supreme Court judge. Make your voice heard, and speak out against Kavanaugh’s nomination!

Here’s how:

  1. Attend a protest! On August 26, people around the nation are coming together to #StopKavanaugh. Visit the Unite For Justice website to find a protest near you!
  2. Let your Senators know that birth control matters to you! Contact your Senator now and tell them to vote “No” on Kavanaugh

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