Tell Congress to Protect Teen Pregnancy Prevention + Other Programs

Fewer teens in the U.S. are getting pregnant.

In fact, the teen pregnancy rate is at an all-time low. That also means fewer teens are having abortions or becoming parents. In 2015, only 22 teens out of every 1,000 gave birth.

Teen pregnancy rates continues to decline thanks to important government programs that provide teens with sex education and reproductive health care. These programs are now at risk under the Trump administration.

Programs like the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program (TPP) and the Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) help teens learn how to prevent pregnancy and access birth control. These programs have proven to be successful. Instead, President Trump and Congress want to use the money toward abstinence-only programs. Research has shown that abstinence-only programs don’t work and lead to an increase in teen pregnancies.

The Title X federal family planning program is also at risk. Title X provides reproductive health services to low-income women, men and teens. If Congress decides to eliminate Title X, millions of individuals that rely on the health services from this program will lose access to birth control, STD testing, cancer screening and other important and confidential health services.

In Texas, for example, a recent study showed that teen births increased by more than 3% when the state legislature cut funding to Planned Parenthood. Many young girls could no longer get low-cost or free birth control at Planned Parenthood because of the funding cut. The majority of schools in Texas also teach abstinence-only sex education.

Having an unplanned pregnancy at a young age comes with many consequences that impact your future. Delaying pregnancy to later in life increases your chances of going to college, finding a secure job and having stable and healthy romantic relationships. It can also help you be a better parent in the future.

Make your voice heard. Tell Congress to protect programs that WORK! Contact your member of Congress now and urge her/him to restore funding for Title X and Teen Pregnancy Prevention programs.

If you already are a teen parent, check out these resources to help support your goals. 

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