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School is out and summer is here! Whether you are relaxing in the sun, earning some extra cash, getting a head start for next school year, or packing up to head to college, you can still be an activist and advocate for issues that you support.

There is one super easy way to be a summer activist: REGISTER TO VOTE!

Election Day is Nov. 6. We may not be voting for President, but there are other important positions to vote for, like:

  • Congress: You have the chance to vote for a person to represent you in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C. Members of Congress vote on national issues like health care access, and funding for teen pregnancy and STD prevention. Research candidates running in your Congressional District and vote for the one you believe will support the issues that you care about.
  • Governor: California will be choosing a new Governor this election. Governors are the state's highest-ranking elected official. They sign legislation into law (or veto them), have the final say in the State Budget, and have tremendous influence over the course of state policy.
  • State Elections: Some of you may have the opportunity to elect people to represent you in the state Legislature in Sacramento. There are also statewide positions like the race for Attorney General – the person that enforces California’s laws – and State Superintendent of Public Instruction – who handles all policies for California public schools. All of these elected officials have a say on issues that impact your local communities – like health care clinics and schools.
  • Local races: Some of you may also be voting for Mayor, City Council members, County Supervisors and school boards. These officials can impact your daily life because they handle issues like public safety, community businesses, public utilities, education and public spaces like parks and libraries.

That’s why it’s so important to vote! Read up on local and national candidates to see what they think about reproductive issues, sexual health education and information, as well as other issues close to your heart. Then use your vote to make a difference.

The deadline to register is October 22, 2018. But if we’re being real, you should register this summer, before you have school, sports, and all the good fall shows competing for your attention.

Here’s How to Register

If you’re a US Citizen and turn 18 before November 6, you can register online TODAY!It’s easy.

Too Young To Vote on November 6 or Not Eligable to Vote?

  • Pre-Register! When you turn 16 in California, you can pre-register to vote -- that means when you turn 18, you’ll be all set to go. Do your 18-year-old self a favor and pre-register. Then you can cross that item off your future to-dos.
  • Talk to your friends and family. If there is a topic you feel very passionately about, talk to your friends and family! You may not be able to vote but they can. Let them know how you feel.
  • Volunteer at a voting site. This is a great way to get involved in the voting process. You can contact your local county office, or even go online, and sign up to be a volunteer.

Remember: your voice DOES make a difference!

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