own your health this graduation and beyond!

School is wrapping up which can bring on all the feels -- excited, scared, happy, sad, tired, etc. -- but that does not mean you can forget about your health! No matter if you are graduating or just finishing another year, you should be proud that you have reached this milestone! And, with summer coming, this is a great time to take charge of your health.

Check out our tips for a safe and healthy summer:

Don’t feel pressure to make it special

Many teens feel pressure to make big events like graduation or the end of the year feel special by doing something big or out of the ordinary for them, like having sex or using drugs or alcohol. Remember that the end of the year is special already without a big gesture! Even if it seems like everyone is doing it, we know that isn’t true. Find ways to celebrate that you are comfortable with.

Celebrate Safely

The beginning of summer break can bring parties or other opportunities to celebrate. Did you know that in California, more than 40% of High School students have never drank alcohol?  If you feel pressure or don’t want to draw attention to yourself, you can always fill up a cup with soda or soda water and nobody will know the difference! REMEMBER: Someone can’t give consent if they are using drugs or alcohol.  That means if you or your partner is using drugs or alcohol, consent cannot legally happen.

Have a Safe Summer

Many people travel, work, or move away for college over the summer. Don’t let these changes throw off your healthy practices. Think about visiting a clinic BEFORE you make big changes in your life. Stock up on free condoms before you travel or move. While most young people are not having sex, having condoms on hand can help you feel confident that when the time is right for you, you will be able to own your health!

Stay In Touch

You can brush up on your sexual health knowledge over the summer by staying in touch with TeenSource. If you have not already, sign up for the Hookup by texting “Hookup” to 877877 to get weekly sex info and live advice straight to your phone every week. Follow TeenSource on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And remember, you can always visit TeenSource to find a clinic, get free condoms, learn about birth control or STDs, learn about relationships, and know your rights!

And of course, HAVE FUN!

This blog was reposted from TeenSource.org, a project of Essential Access Health. TeenSource.org is an online hub for comprehensive and teen-friendly information on birth control, STDs, relationships and teen’s rights to accessing sensitive services. The site features youth-developed blogs and videos, a clinic finder, a Condom Access Project and links to TeenSource social media where youth can stay updated on relevant sexual and reproductive health information and news.

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