tips for a happy and healthy prom!

Prom is a great time to celebrate the end of the year, the start of summer, and moving on to your next step in life, if it is your senior prom. Even with all this fun, prom can be a stressful or emotional time for some people. Check out these tips for making your prom a fun, happy, and healthy experience!

Be You

It can be tough to know what to wear, who to go with, which after party to choose. Think about what will make you happy and comfortable. It isn’t worth it to put yourself in a situation, or outfit, that will take away from you enjoying the night!

Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be tough to resist, especially on an important night like prom! Whether it is about what to wear, who to bring, how to get to prom, drinking, after parties, or even having sex, peer pressure isn’t cool. Remember, it seems like everyone is doing it but we know that two thirds of California teens are not having sex and less than 60% of California teens have ever drank alcohol. Plus, real friends should respect and support your decision, not pressure you to do something you do not want to do.

Be Inclusive

Everyone should have a good time at prom! There are stories in the news about LGBT students being excluded from their prom or not being allowed to wear what they feel comfortable in or bringing who they want to bring as their date. Remember, everyone has rights when it comes to prom and everyone should be able to enjoy it! This also includes friends who didn’t have a date or couldn’t participate in pre-parties or after parties. Invite friends who are by themselves to dance or encourage everyone to dance as a group!

Don’t Forget Consent

Consent is when two sober people clearly communicate that they want to have sex, or participate in sexual behavior, together.  That means that if someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol they can’t legally give consent. If you and your partner do choose to have sex on prom night, or any other time for that matter, be sure to use birth control and condoms to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs. You can find a clinic near you for free, confidential, non-judgmental birth control and STD tests and find free condoms

Be Prepared

Have an exit strategy. Make a plan with a friend to help get out of an uncomfortable situation. Talk to your parents or a trusted adult about picking you up from prom or an after party if you are no longer having fun. Think about a code work or excuse to use if you need to make an exit. Find free condoms ahead of time! You may not be planning to use one but maybe a friend or classmate will appreciate the hookup!

And remember, HAVE FUN!

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