It's important to talk to a parent or trusted adult about ur health. they might know more than u think!

No, we’re not saying that you should talk about the intimate details of your sex life with your parents over the dinner table! But it is important to have a trusted adult in your life that you can talk to about your sexual health. This could be a parent, aunt or uncle, a teacher or guidance counselor, or even an older sibling.

If you’re having an STD or pregnancy scare, relationship issues, or questions about birth control, it can be really helpful to talk to that adult! Chances are they know more about sexual health than you think, and can also help you find more information. It can be more comfortable to talk to your friends about sex, but your friends won’t necessarily have all of the facts either. Finds tips on how to get the conversation started with an adult.

You can also visit a clinic near you to get your sexual health questions answered.

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