Research Study: Trans Youth Perspectives on the Juvenile Justice System

Researchers at UCLA are currently interviewing trans young people (ages 18-22) as part of a research study on Trans Youth Perspectives on the Juvenile Justice System in Southern California. This is a trans-led study to learn more about the experiences of trans young people in the juvenile justice system. Interviews are confidential and identities are protected. 

Participants are invited to interview twice and will receive a $35 incentive at the first interview and $40 at a follow up interview.

Eligible participants are: 
  • 18 - 22 years old
  • transgender / gender nonconforming
  • formerly in detention in a juvenile facility  in Southern California.

Sign up on the the study website to be contacted by a researcher. You can also contact Sid Jordan directly at [email protected]or 206 619 8616 to set up an interview or to learn more. 

Download the flyer here.

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