Project Fierce Updates


  • CAB Coordinator Mallery Jenna Robinson (she/her/hers) has been hired as of 09/07/2021. Please reach out to her for additional CAB-related details: [email protected]   
  • Project Fierce is officially in year two and has a lot of amazing partnerships coming along the way. The goal: To increase education, access and resources around STI infection, testing and care for young cis and trans women of color. 
  • CAB is currently seeking 1- 2 new recruits for Project Fierce 18-24 cis and trans women of color. See flyer for details.  

Meetings (bi-weekly) 

  • September 2021 - consisted of a working group meeting with potential community partners to discuss what collaborations with their organization and Project Fierce’s CAB would look like.  
  • October 2021consisted of Reach LA providing an amazing presentation surrounding Art Theory, and Art History as it relates to being an intervention for our social determinants of health.  
  • November 2021 - consisted of WeCanStopSTDsLA team coming in and introducing themselves top-down to support the CAB with identifying the key players and how everyone contributes to Project Fierce.   
  • December 2021 - will consist of an in-person meeting at CHLA from 10 am - 1 pm to discuss year two 2022 objectives and goals as well as re-establish team building. 


  • Two new applicants have applied to Project Fierce and one is currently shadowing meetings to determine if the CAB is a good fit. 
  • CAB members L. Torres and S. Shanur did an amazing job at our Spring into Love and SYNC Conferences back in October. Congratulations to you both for the amazing work you all did. 
  • CAB members have updated year two protocols and procedures to establish a framework that will lay out their expectations and commitments when collaborating with partners.  

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