Project Fierce Plus Updates

October 2022
  1. 10/03/2022 Project Fierce will launch their social media campaign with I Know by creating content with the support of DHSP both partners will post and repost utilizing messaging to connect with uterine carrying communities i.e. cisgender women (assigned female at birth), pre-operative transgender men, post-operative transgender women and non-binary or non-conforming individuals. 
  2. 10/04-25/2022 Project Fierce will be participating in their weekly meetings with CMA staff, available CAB members, and CAB coordinator each meeting has different outcomes, but the objective is to provide a continuum of professional creativity and brainstorming for the betterment of Project Fierce. 
  3. 10/07/2022- Project Fierce will partner up with Black Women for Wellness for a webcast called "Be Mindful" a rough draft of the script will be shared with the CAB to provide any recommendations. 
  1. 10/10/2022 Project Fierce CAB Meeting with special guest speaker former LGBT OC Center LGBTQIA healthcare advocate Jacqueline Garcia for National Coming OUT Day and her coming out journey. 
  2. 10/11/2022 Project Fierce will be joining their monthly with Center for Disease Control the meeting objective identify and analyze the highlight and challenges for the leading group's CAB growth and development allowing other community partners providing recommendations to aid with the growth and development. 
  1. 10/24/2022 Project Fierce will be having their second CAB meeting from 5:30-7:30pm. If the CAB wants, CAB members who would like have permission to miss this meeting to participate in the recording of the pilot for "Be Mindful."
  2. 10/31/2022 Project Fierce CAB members will compete in the inaugural 👻 Boo Thang Blogging Contest 🎃whichever CAB members writes the most creative blog pertaining to inter-partner intimacy and sexual relationships and the 👻"boo thang dangers" or red flags 🚩 of intimate partner violence. Blog essays a minimum of 500 words (double spaced) the most creative, informative and spookiest will receive a $50.00 physical Amazon gift card mailed to the address of their choice. 
August / September 2022
  • Project Fierce participated in a listening session during their CAB meeting on July 11th with the LA County Commission on HIV. 
  • Project Fierce will be participating in the Reproductive Justice Conference with Black Women for Wellness on August 10th from 9am - 12pm, presenting on Cis and Trans Young Women of Color STI rates and its effects on reproductive health care. 
  • Project Fierce is partnering with Essential Access Health and Children's Hospital Los Angeles to provide a series of workshops on Adult Ally Training including a Young Women of Color Summit for October 2022. More details coming soon. 
  • Project Fierce will be preparing for their second Working Group meeting with all partners to provide a quarterly update for September 2022. More details coming soon. 
  • Project Fierce will be preparing for their second in-person meeting to check-in, and celebrate the birthdays from April- August. More details coming soon. 
June 2022 Updates
  • Transgender Empathy Training held on 05/16/2022 meeting from 6:30-7:45pm via zoom. Training objectives: Participants to process and connect with empathetic practices and approaches that will increase accessibility, visibility, and equity for the transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex communities.  Trainer: Mallery Jenna Robinson certificate of completion was provided via email to participants. The training was recorded as well to support those who weren’t able to attend
  • Newest CAB member trans-identified young woman of color Nina Razaaq participates with the renowned Dr. Shica in a community engagement opportunity.
  • Majority of Project Fierce participated in their first Transgender Empathy Training receiving a certificate of completion.
  • Project Fierce successfully collaborated on a reproductive rights graphic to be shared and reposted on their Project Fierce social media platforms as a communication strategy. 
  • CAB members: Maria Diaz, Sharmin Shanur and Ishanee Ford are blogging with TeenSource topics ranging from healthy relationships to accessing safe abortions and legislation affecting LGBTQIA communities.
April 2022 Updates
  • Participated in Focus Group Discussion with Essential Access Teen Source providing content review for their social media and blogging platforms on 03/07/2022. 
  • Participated in Adult and Infant/Child CPR/First Aid/ AED Training with The American Red Cross via AJ King on 03/12/2022
  • Participated in Birthday Bash for CAB member birthdays January- March on 03/12/2022.
  • Project Fierce Meeting with ReachLA pertaining MOA partnership on 03/21/2022 
  • Recent CAB Member Orientation 03/30/2022 with Fatima and Milan 
  • Long Beach Transgender Day of Visibility Wellness and Employment Resource Fair on 03/31/2022
  • Still accepting CAB applications for two young trans women of color 18-26 a new flyer coming soon. 

February 2022 Updates and Asks 

  • Project Fierce will be creating a Young Cis and Trans Women of Color Presentation for community partners and providers.  
  • CAB also welcomes any community providers and organizations who is interested in providing a training to the CAB, and/or receiving a training from the CAB please email CAB Coordinator Milan Eatmon
  • Project Fierce is seeking a trans woman of color 18-24 who is interested in joining our incredible CAB for the 2022-2023 cohort year please email CAB Coordinator Milan Eatmon

 November-December 2021 CAB Meeting Updates

  • CAB MembershipWe have a new recruitFatima Benitezas of 12/11/2021. 
  • Last meeting date (include meeting frequency): Last meeting was held on 12/20/21. We continue to meet twice per month. 
  • Number of meetings held (also include total): In November and December, the CAB met 5 times, including an in-person meeting focused on team-building. 
  • Number of attendees at last meeting5 CAB members at the 12/20/21 meeting.  
  • Meeting participation rates (current month and overall)In November and December, we averaged 5-7 attendees.
  • ​First Quarterly Meeting of the year with working group partners is 01/24/2022 with DHSP I Know and Essential Access Health Teen Source 

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