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The Community Advisory Coalition (CAC)

The Community Advisory Coalition (CAC) is a mobilization of over sixty community service providers, advocates, faith leaders and residents who live, work, worship, and serve within the South Los Angeles region of Second Los Angeles County Supervisorial District (D2). 

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See below for a list of for Working Groups and Committees

Prevention and Treatment Services Working Group

This working group is dedicated to the advocacy and sustainability of STD services especially with populations at elevated risk – juvenile hall, foster care, probation, etc. Their work frames and informs ways for youth and young adults to access and utilize a variety of services that support prevention and well as on-going well being.

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Systems Change Working Group

This Systems Change Working Group of WeCanStopSTDsLA addresses the various systems that come together to support the sexual health of youth and young adults in District 2 South LA. The group aims to facilitate service coordination, build bridges between stakeholder entities, and encourage advocacy and strategic actions on behalf of the community in order to ensure adequate support for youth and young adults, especially the most vulnerable and those at elevated risk for STDs.

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Interfaith Engagement and Mobilization Working Group

WeCanStopSTDsLA believes the various communities of faith within South LA are absolutely critical to making an impact in achieving our movement’s vision of youth and young adults in district 2 and South LA living healthy lifestyles in a thriving and supportive community.

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Youth and Young Adult Working Group

A key ingredient of the WeCanStopSTDsLA initiative is the inclusion of the youth and young adult who will benefit from the program the most. This Working Group creates a network of existing, emerging, and new groups focused on D2 residents at elevated risk for STDs including young African American and/or Latina women, youth at elevated interfaith youth groups, school-based groups, and young adults. 

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The Logistics & Operations Working Group focuses its time and energies on the overall coordination and governance of the CAC. Its primary task is to ensure the Strategic Plan that was developed in 2014-2015 is adhered to and implemented in thoughtful, practical, and successful ways. Key to the group’s involvement is the coordination and governance of the CAC and its various policies, working groups, and strategies. To ensure ongoing success, the Group also oversees resource and fund development and coordinates with the CAC’s strategic partnerships, the Public Health Department and the District 2 Supervisor’s office. The Logistics & Operations Working Group also serves as a parent group for the Data & Evaluation Working Group and the Strategic Communications Working Group.

Meets on the 4th Friday of each month from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. For details and to RSVP to attend the next meeting, click here.

The Data & Evaluation Working Group is responsible for asset mapping, data provision and the analysis and implementation of evaluation and assessment activities. A Group designed to support seamless workflow The Data & Evaluation Working Group ensures the strategies and practices of the CAC are adhered to in a reasonable and timely manner.

Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every other month from 9:30 am - 11:00 am. For details and to RSVP to attend the next meeting, click here.

The Strategic Communications Working Group is responsible for all messaging, marketing, and media, including social media. As the voice of the CAC and its programs, The Strategic Communications Working Group helps frame the public’s understanding of the work the CAC and WeCanStopSTDsLA accomplish while and igniting interest and engagement throughout the Distret2 South LA community, particularly among youth and young adults.

Meetings TBD.

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