iPrevail: Providing a Network of Support for LA County

About iPrevail

iPrevail is a personalized and confidential online health and wellness program aimed to improve individual’s mental health and build resilience. Our programs are accessible by anyone with an internet or smart phone connection in both English and Spanish.

Individuals can chat with one of our trained Peer Coaches, enroll in one of our customized programs or interact in our online Community Groups. These services are available free to any individual who lives or works in LA County via a one-time location check when first creating an account.

Prevail Health serves a diverse population of adults and adolescents addressing a variety of behavioral health concerns, providing them on-demand support, and routing them to the care they need, through our proprietary Anywhere Based Care model.

iPrevail endeavors to make strengths-based approaches and approaches in cognitive-behavioral therapy accessible to traditionally underserved populations, such as stigmatized, low-income, under-insured, and uninsured clients.

Whether someone is looking for support, to learn about healthy habits and ways to cope with life’s stressors or to simply connect with others, iPrevail is here for them.

Programs & Offerings

iPrevail offers three different programs: Lessons, Sessions and Groups.

  • Lessons: This is a self-paced, structured program rooted in Cognitive Behavioral

    Therapy. This program includes interactive video lessons, guided activities, and chats with Coaches. Our programs are based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Through this program, our goal is to help individuals develop skills to improve their life, learn new coping techniques and better manage their thoughts, behavior, and emotions.

  • Sessions: This is a weekly one-on-one chat with a Coach. These interactions can be scheduled, or an individual can launch a chat on their own time. This program focuses on goal setting to make positive changes in an individual’s life. Individuals can work with a Coach to discuss what types of changes they would like to make, work together to create a manageable plan, discuss motivation, overcome obstacles, and continually build on those goals.

  • Groups: This program focuses on the importance of social connection. Individuals can interact in topic-specific Community Groups, like a message board or forum, with likeminded individuals and Coaches. They can ask questions, share stories, and learn about helpful resources. They also interact in one-on-one chats with Coaches to learn about their values and how to form or strengthen social relationships.

Outside of the programs, individuals have access to our site 24-7. They can view previously completed Lessons, complete guided tools, chat one-on-one with a Coach or browse the Community Groups.


Prevail is great for individuals want to learn more about:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Panic Attacks
Sleep Disorders or

Difficulty Sleeping Unhealthy Eating
Drug Abuse
Alcohol Abuse
Quitting Tobacco
Financial Stress
Relationship Stress


Veteran Resources Parenting Stress
Student Stress
Infant Loss

Pregnancy (Postpartum

Depression &

Gender and

Sexuality (Gender, Sexual Assault and LGBTQIA+)

Racial Discrimination

Healthy Habits

Anger Management

Work Stress
Cancer Support Work Stress
Chronic Pain and

Managing Feelings

Managing Change and Life Transitions

• Bipolar Disorder


Conflict Resolution Caregiving
Goal Setting

Cost: These services are free to any individual who lives in or works in LA County.
Availability: Our services are available to anyone work works or lives in LA County that is

over the age of 18 or individuals 13-17
Rewards: Each step through the various programs is a way to earn points. These

activities could include chats, assessments and interacting in the Communities as a few

examples. These points can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.
Limitations of Service: Our Coaches are here to listen and offer support to individuals

but are not Therapists. Thus, they cannot provide any professional, legal, or medical advice, diagnosis individuals, prescribe medication or come up with treatment plans. This is not a crisis management service. Individuals who are in an active crisis should reach to a professional crisis line such as Crisis Text Line or call 911.

Further Questions: Email us at [email protected]

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